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"Today, 16 August 1997, the "Council for the Establishment of the European Police Office" meets. This follows up the official complaint lodged by newspaper editor Frank Benninger. The investigation focuses on the incident which occurred on the night of 28 June. That night, Interpol agent David Connelly penetrated Mr Benninger's house..." For the first, but not the last time in his career at Interpol, David Connelly, a British Army agent and former sniper, has to justify his impulsive actions in front of a committee. Perhaps the young man has indeed gone too far in his desperate search for his missing partner. In a mission where the two agents tried to find evidence against drug and arms dealer Frank Benninger, David lost track of his partner. Two years after this incident, Sarah Ritter steps David's life and he falls head over heels in love with the young woman. When he can save her from a man from her past, he gets a first glimpse of the appalling situations into which Sarah gets time and again owed to her beauty. Will the Interpol agent be able to protect his newly found love from the monsters out there?   His abilities are put to a hard test when Sarah starts with the "Berlin News Courier". There she gets caught in the clutches of the owner - Frank Benninger. The couple has to fight against an enemy who is no ordinary criminal. Through his membership in the mysterious organization "AFS" he seems to be untouchable. The "Association of Free Scientists" has long pursued the goal of conquering space through its research in the field of quantum physics. The powerful bosses of the AFS want to win the race to the stars using all means at their disposal. "Save him and you save humanity!" With this mysterious message of unknown origin and the attached information material David is made aware of the ingenious physicist Peter Calder and thus also of the AFS, for which the latter is working. David decides to help the scientist and dives into a world whose existence he never thought possible.   The Interpol agent and the budding journalist not only experience an exciting love story, but the lovers also get into a conspiracy of galactic proportions. In this struggle, which begins in 1996 and culminates in the present, David and Sarah often reach their moral limits. They are assisted by David's colleague Tom Bauer and his superior Richard Stanton. And time and again, everyone involved encounters the mysterious "man-in-the-suit".

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