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Proclaimed A Hero Of Rome, Centurion Marcus Arrius Is Offered Command Of The Praetorian Guard In Rome But Instead Chooses Duty On Hadrian?S Wall As Far From Rome As He Can Get.

?By the gods, I had no idea there would be this many.? Arrius looked at General Gallius. ?Did you know anything about this before we came here??
?Commander Turbo told me to expect some resistance as we approached Beth Thera, but I did not expect the entire Jewish Army. We will need Jupiter?s help this day for certain. What do you estimate their strength to be??
?Possibly 20-25 thousand, perhaps more behind those hills.? Arrius now understood the intense expression on Turbo?s face when he said farewell three days ago. ?General, I believe it was not intended for you to know more than you were told. We are the sacrificial goat staked out as Turbo?s bait.?

Marcus Arrius is the senior centurion of the ill-fated XXII Legion, Deiotariana, serving in Judaea during the second century Roman Empire. Focused on duty and his men to the exclusion of all else, Arrius is a loyal, battle-tested soldier. Following Hadrian?s brutal suppression of the second Jewish revolt in Judaea in 135 CE, his core belief in Rome begins to erode without fully understanding why. For his exploits in Judaea, he is decorated and given his choice of assignments in Rome including command of the Praetorian Guard. His request for duty on Hadrian?s Wall instead surprises both the generals and Arrius himself. It will be Ilya, a beautiful native woman in Britannia, who will become the catalyst for understanding why he chose command of an obscure frontier fort instead of fame and fortune in Rome.

"Preston Holtry sets a new standard for the historical novel with Arrius?Sacramentum, which takes place in the second century Roman Empire. Mr. Holtry masterfully weaves a fictional tapestry rich in authenticity and detail and places within a set of characters that fit perfectly into the context and manage to transcend it. As a result, readers will fully share the characters' experiences and emotions, while being transported to another place and time. A stunning piece of historical fiction."-Hank Luce, author of A Darkness in the Pines.

?Holtry shows a deep knowledge of both the Roman Army and the campaigns they fought. It follows Centurion Arrius from Britannia to Judea and then back to Britannia where he leaves the life of the legion to command a mixed cohort of auxilia. The style reminds me of Simon Scarrow. The first in a trilogy, I can see this book addicting readers.?-Griff Hosker, author of the Norman Genesis series, The Anarchy series and Sword of Cartimandua series.

?Arrius-Sacramentum is an intense and beautifully written story. Holtry skillfully transports readers to the outer reaches of the Roman Empire through a warrior facing dangerous enemies, even within his own ranks. Meticulously researched, the strength of this novel lies in the depth of the characters and the vivid imagery of ancient times. Holtry established himself as a master storyteller in his first series, and he hits a homerun in the first installment of the Arrius trilogy.?-Steve Brigman, author of The Orphan Train.

?With Preston Holtry's Morgan Westphal mystery series, we find through extensive research the creation of well-crafted plots, realistic characters, and detailed scenes, creating fast paced stories. Jumping back in time, Preston has done it again with Arrius-Sacramentum. A man on his way up the ranks in the Roman Legion shows he's more than a blind follower but uses his brains and initiative, sometimes to his own detriment. Join him in Britannia near Hadrian's Wall, travel through the Middle East and the war with Judaea, and back to Britannia where he commands his own forces.-?A great read--can't wait for the sequel. Randall Krzak, author of The Kurdish Connection .?

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