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Dear readers, you will not find any philosophical expressions or psychological advice in this book which is what authors usually write. Instead, you will get a real opportunity to have a stable income within several months, as well as after that, on a continuing basis, if you strictly follow and are guided by the betting strategy offered here. You may think there is nothing like 100 percent, but I would say there is. For instance, a bookmaker's constant win over one who makes long lasting large number bets. I would suggest the opposite - the win of one who makes long lasting large number bets over the bookmaker. In almost all cases, the bookmaker can accurately evaluate the event, giving it a favorable odds (coefficient). However, there are sports where some events are unpredictable or hard to predict based on which bookmakers offer pretty high odds which do not always correspond to the likely outcome of the event. I will speak about the first of these sports in this book. When determining odds, probably general statistical data are taken into account and they cannot be adequate for a particular game. As a result of making increasing bets on these events we have a constant benefit. As for this sport (baseball), throughout the whole league (USA (MLB, IL,PCL), Mexico (LMB), Japan (NPB) and South Korea (KBO)) I observed the performance statistics of these high odds, the probability of events were calculated at any betting stage, as well as before the stage, and were put on an excel file programmed with appropriate formulas. I will thoroughly introduce them for those who are good at maths. This betting strategy was tested for 6 months simultaneously and now I am presenting the results. I am presenting you a unique system on the Internet among the first bets- 99,9 percent (I will talk about this further in the text) success ensuring strategy (system).Suppose that even if at some point in time the interest rate of 99,9 percent of the probability of winning in the betting chain doesn't work, the calculations indicate that by that time you will have closed the chain so many times that this 1 time of not closing it will not bring you to a negative balance. It is a strategy of sequential betting chains which is both theoretically and practically proven and analyzed by the theory of probability and calculations. Regardless of a particular event outcome, at some point of the chain (ultimately at the end) you will inevitably be the winner. In the system I am offering, you will see the risk size and proofs that in case of long lasting large number bets you are not at risk. I am not groundlessly promising large amounts, I am promising what's real. That is, you get a monthly net income of 20-50 percent of your money for circulation. For instance, if you have 5000 euros (it's the maximum amount in this system and can be necessary in extreme cases, you will see it later in the table) then your monthly income will be about 1000 euros (relatively smaller benefit is conditioned by the usage of an additional support system), and in case of 3000 euros - the income will be up to 1500 euros depending on the odds. I believe you agree it's not a small amount if we consider that you will not have to sit in front of a screen for a long time to bet on the suggested type of events. Instead during the day you will need the screen only 2 or 3 times for a maximum of 5-10 minutes, by the way, mostly after working hours. You will then need to check the outcome and make a new relevant bet. You make about 80 bets during a month. In order for you to use the system I am offering, there is no need to be a mathematician or know the features of the probability theory. You will understand it by simple examples and will not lose in the end if you keep following the game principles that I will offer.

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