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Are you having a hard time getting your child to sleep? And are you looking to use bedtime stories to get them to settle down, wind down and get to sleep, without you having to threaten them and do engage in all manner of power struggles? If you've answered YES, keep reading.... You've Just Discovered One Of The Biggest Collections Of The Best, Original Bedtime Stories That Will Eliminate All The Power Struggles You Face During Bedtime And Turn Bedtime Into A Calming Routine For Your Kids! It's a fact that children generally love stories. Whether it is because it helps them learn new concepts, travel to magical realms or even go on adventures, stories offer truly limitless possibilities. Children are usually very active and putting them to sleep can prove difficult at times. This is where a good story comes in to help prepare your kids for bedtime, as they relax and they'll also be looking forward to it if you have good stories to tell. Furthermore, if you're a parent and are looking for ways to create a strong bond with your child despite your busy routine, then reading stories to your child is a perfect way to do so. This is because as much as children love stories, they especially love to hear the stories from their father or mother. Reading a bedtime story to your child is a perfect way to create a bond with them because you get to spend time with them without any distractions. Reading bedtime stories also helps you to cultivate a strong reading culture in your child so that they can grow up loving to read. It also helps strengthen their creativity, sharpens their memory and improves their language. And this book will help you achieve just that with its rich collection of the best stories that your kid(s) will love to listen to all the time, every night, without getting bored! Perhaps you are wondering.... Are the stories likely to become their all-time favorite for years to come? Does the book have a wide variety of stories to ensure kids with different preferences can find something they like? Are the stories specially created with kids in mind to ensure the kids not only learn but learn something from the stories? Are the stories appropriate for kids of different age groups to ensure kids of different ages can find something that will work for them? Are the stories easy to read such that even kids can read for themselves? The answer to all these questions is a resounding YES! Inside this 4 in 1 book, you'll find: A collection of the best bedtime stories to help make sure that your child has a variety of stories to read Easy to follow stories that will make it easy for your child to follow and understand Cute and short bedtime stories, which are great for a quick bedtime story Interesting and captivating stories that will help keep your child captivated and look forward to another session of reading bedtime stories All the stories are well written to help improve the cognitive functions of your child Each of the stories have an important life lesson to impart to your child And much more! Getting your child to sleep doesn't have to be a hustle, even if you've always felt it has to be a battle because you can't get your kids to sleep without a fight! This 4 in 1 book will offer you a collection of stories that will guarantee your child relaxation and sleep in no time. Scroll up and click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started today!

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