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How would you feel if the one you loved left without a trace? An experiment that travels inside the mind, causing psychological damage to the heart. A man assigned to fulfill his duties as a lab rat to deliberately fall in love with one of the test subjects, Athena White. Oblivious of the events that would occur as secrets and lies began to reveal themselves throughout the novel.

Daniel Cole, a lab rat at EA (Experimental Association) along with his best friend Will Baker, signed a contract to do just that in exchange for their freedom. Throughout the events unfolding one by one, as the experiment finally goes underway, in a devious manner only created by the one and only Melissa. A scar left behind, reminding Daniel why he ended up being in EA. A fatal accident, which left him to be the only survivor. Amnesia ruled his life, getting glimpses of the past as time went on, as he dreamt.

Romance, lust, lies and betrayal followed soon after. A missing person in Daniel?s life finally makes an appearance, sightless to what?s in front of him. Trying hard to find the bigger picture Daniel has to disappear within thin air, as bread crumbs were swept away for no one to find. Confusion and heartache played the bigger role in Athena?s mind, as she lost the one she loved the most.

Bittersweet Love is a mixture of drama, comedy, and love of course. Your mind would be blown away throughout the story, keeping up only to find another twist and turn that would catch you off guard.
What would you do if your whole life is a lie? Trying to keep a goal in mind as the tide keeps turning. With dramatic endings that would curl your toes in anticipation.
Bittersweet Love portraits a unique perspective of life as we know it today. Of all the lies, cheating, and heartache, with a beautiful love story that grows throughout in the process.
With limited options the characters have to face the struggle of trying to survive, making choices that would hurt someone in the process, whilst hurting themselves.
With a mind blowing revelation, or a few in my opinion, readers would be baffled with the truth just as much as the characters, like they?re truly a part of it.
Join Daniel Cole in his self-discovery while he feels more than he ever thought he could, struggling to forget the past, go on with the future, and is stuck in the present. He has no choice but to comply with the destiny that?s been chosen for him, alongside Will Baker, his joker best friend that?s been struggling with the same hellish life that they?ve both been damned with tries to support him with everything. But what happens when one of them tries to back out from what they?re supposed to do? Will the other just stand there and watch, or stop the other, reminding him of how much they have to lose.
Meantime, Athena White is living a normal life as a college student, oblivious of what?s coming for her. Thinking it?s all good and dandy till someone gets hurt, hoping it wouldn?t be her. But she can?t fight the inevitable, yet she can?t get enough. As the force of destiny is stronger than her will power, making her fall, and fall hard.
Everything is meant to fall in place, yet apart so quickly. It is a life shattering lesson full of trust, lust, betrayal, loss, and memories.
A Bittersweet Love story

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