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Steve is an average guy, who is looking for balance in his attempts at living a solid Christian life. He's adulting in a place where he attended school, and lately his surroundings have become unrecognizable to him. The pace of change, inconsistencies in the system, and other frustrations challenge him on a daily basis. Analytical by nature, he spends an abundance of time dissecting situations while trying to live through them. This serves as a metaphor for his life in general, as he tries to live in a broken world without being consumed by it. Developing in his walk with God, he knows he has work to do, while he awaits the coming of a brighter eternity. The mundanity of the daily slog, high taxes, and broken politics constantly weigh on him. Where he has attained the respect of his superior, he lacks passion for his work, and sometimes finds himself happily anonymized. His son, love interests, and some good friends, all serve as welcomed distractions. The senior leader of his division, is an odd man who constantly tests Steve's sanity, and his work/life balance. More often than not, he finds himself working late, and it stresses the foundational relationships in his life. But he has no choice but to just roll up his sleeves. Recently there has been a workplace merger, and he finds himself now further agitated by new situational ironies. But, is there a new leader emerging? Are there also new antagonists? As if the current forces crashing in on him weren't enough, he finds a thoroughfare to the past, so he can reprocess experiences all over again. Coupled with a new awareness of something supernatural, he becomes more of a mishandled ragdoll with each passing moment. Becoming grounded in scripture, he continually reminds himself that God has a plan for him. Steve stays in prayer, not quite sure what it all means. But he's hanging on his hope, and on God's grace. Is some outside force also now acting on him? What could it be? Why now?

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