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Star thought the man she obsessed over was out of her life forever. Bryan was a gorgeous alpha billionaire untamed who gave her pleasures she had never imagined.

When against all odds he came back to her, Star cast aside her stable life for a shot at passionate love. At the last possible moment, when happiness seemed guaranteed, Bryan's mysterious past threatened their love.

Enter Noah. Star's first love and rebellious bad boy. He never stopped loving her and chases her half way around the world for one more chance to prove to her they belong together.

Imagine the best of today's hottest erotic romances from Sylvia Day and EL James, set amid the pristine Spanish countryside, the South of France and beautiful Southern California.

A young woman who seemingly has the perfect life is set to marry her hunk quarterback fiance. But a rapid fire of life-changing events draw her into the world of a mysterious Spanish Billionaire untamed and his beautiful wife. It all leads to secret forbidden hot hook-ups between desperate lovers.

Now Star Camillo must sort out her passionate feelings for two men and choose. She began as a pampered young woman living in the opulent care-free suburbs of Southern California with her ultra-hot fiance. She eagerly anticipates her dream wedding overlooking the Pacific ocean. Then out of nowhere, her parents force her to put her perfect California life on hold to study abroad.

After a devastating encounter with her first love whom she dumped years earlier to please her parents, she dutifully leaves for Spain secure in knowing her dream wedding to her perfect man awaits her when she returns.

In Spain, chaotic events force her to take work as a nanny for special needs children. Allie, a radiant kind woman, soon becomes Star's treasured friend. But as her perfect life back home begins to unravel, she fights her feelings of growing lust for Allie's mysterious, alpha male husband.

As they draw closer, Star and Bryan are no longer are able to resist their passionate longings. But the consequences of their lust and his dark past threaten to destroy them and everyone around them.

"Forbidden 2" is an engrossing page turner that explores a woman with a heart torn between two men she fears losing. It continues to explore the question of whether our hearts should rule us when so many people will be hurt? And whether the perfect safe life is worth risking on pulse pounding lust?

Here it is. The follow-up to one of the hottest Free erotica romance full length novels on the shelves today.

"Forbidden 2: Addicted" is hot romance with mature situations.

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