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The human mind controls the activities happening in the universe. The height we will attain in life depends on the correctness of our decision. We have the power to ruin our lives, we have the ability to channel our lives to the wrong path, we have the capability to cause commotion in our lives and we equally have the power to set our lives on the right footing with realities and succeed afterward. A life filled with regret did not happen by accident. A life of little dignity has its cause. Nothing happens by accident; we are the architect of our own fortune in life. A little mistake is enough to send you to the wrong path of life; little mistake is enough to disorganize your life, which is why you have to know what works and what does not before setting out to do anything in life. It is pertinent to know that Decision is an inescapable thing in life of every man. There are times when
one will find oneself cut up between divergent options. There are times in life when it is difficult to choose, but that does not mean that one can run away from this inevitable task. That does not mean that one can abdicate his responsibilities to anyone for that will prove unfit to exist, to do this comradeship and rare duty; one has to learn the rope, and when one has been equipped with rules governing this task, with that, it becomes easier to do. Decision is vital in life in that it goes a long way to deciding our faith in this planet. Whatever you are and wherever you find yourself, are because of decisions you took. Whatever that is happening in life now, what will still happen in the nearest future, all will be made possible by your decisions. Therefore it becomes utmost important to get acquainted with the rudiments and tools for making proper and effective decisions; such tools are thoroughly explained and analyzed in this book. We cannot continue to bring harm and set back on our way to fulfilling our destinies. We cannot continue to make avoidable mistakes that cost us our future that is why it is wise to imbibe the rules, which governs this arduous task of taking decision. Because no man can know it all and nobody is an encyclopedia of knowledge, it then becomes of paramount important to learn every day so that you will have the tools governing the universe at your fingertips. Difficulties and challenges encountered in day to day activities in life has brought confusion and conflicting thought our in mind in such a way that we have found
ourselves in a situation whereby to press the right button in solving our problem has become an uphill task. Nevertheless, there are fundamental realities underlying every situation and which needs to be discovered through the mastery of the secret laws of decision, which this book thoroughly examined in order to get to the root of that problem and possibly apply the particular law meant for it in order to solve it.

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