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This book will explain how God is trying to avoid a nuclear war. Not easy, even for him. Because he isn't what most people think he is, nor is Satan.

The real truth about them makes someone like Hitler predictable. Even manageable.

Makes the flood of Indians and Muslims into Europe and American predictable. Even manageable.

Makes the rise of China predictable. Satan's next Germany if he is allowed to get his way in China.

Makes the black riots in the UK and France predictable. Not so manageable.

This book is the book promised before End Days to finally explain both entities to Mankind.

Here is a small example of what there is to learn about them. To do, what even they can't do. I'll explain that in the book. Yes, there is a reason why they always fought over people and their decisions in life.

Satan's Kingdom is divided along racial lines. Not God's. Racial strife, created the Holocaust and is pushing for a nuclear war. There are key differences among different races in their use of right and left brains. Satan uses these differences as weapons of war against God's plans.

For example, the Germans, the Italians, and the Japanese all excel at putting their right brain spatial intelligence to use. Meaning, they're all good in building things. Italy has great art. German engineering is the best. And who is better in robotics than the Japanese? And all were allies in the Second World War. Was this merely chance? No!

The right brain is also more physical. What good is spatial intelligence if you're too lazy to put it to use?

So people good with their right brains are generally more physically active. They also like guns and cars more.

The left brain is more meek, more bound by verbal rules. Putting more value on group concerns than individual concerns. More the lawyer and business man than the engineer or artist. Jews and Indians both favor their left brains over their right brains. Which is why both produce more lawyers and bankers and computer programmers than most Europeans. Which is why both groups favor their own people over other people.

Muslims are the most bound by their left brains over their right brains. They live by strict left brain rules. Rules which put down their right brain pleasures. No drinking. Cover pretty women up. No bikers.

Take into account we're all biologically cross wired inside. Our left brain controls our right hand and our right brain controls our left hand.

Which hand did God favor? His right hand. His right side. Get the hint?

Which hand is the sinister hand? The Devil's hand? Our left hand. Getting it better now?

These are clues to a hidden war going on in Mankind since the beginning. A war only a few people in history ever knew about. Good and bad is more mixed than anyone ever suspected.

You're about to learn all about this secret war. How it affects every race, every people. How Moses and Jesus secretly referred to this hidden war. How it created the mind of Hitler. How it really created the Holocaust, and people were just puppets of these larger forces in Mankind. Forces still at work today.

Forces pushing for a nuclear war. Forces Hell bend on destroying America and most of Europe.

By the time you finish this book there will be no more Mystery about God in your mind.

Why today?

There is a great nuclear war coming, something God is trying to prevent, and preventing it, isn't as easy as you think for him. He is gambling that by revealing the truth about himself and Satan most of mankind will side with him to avert an impending nuclear war.

Will his gamble pay off? That depends on what you and others do with this knowledge.

As you guessed by now, the actual truth about them has to be rational, scientific, and mystical. It is. How could it not be? The divide between science and religion is over. Magic and science are about to come together for you. You're going to learn stuff you never imagined.

No more Mystery means, no more Mystery.

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