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iPhone 13 has the most advanced dual-camera system in an iPhone and comes in five colors.
It comes in amazing camera features like the cinematic mode and an Improve low light performance and photographic styles as well as other great features like a ceramic shield and a powerful new A15 Bionic chip which is the fastest chip in a Smartphone, Superfast 5G, and longer battery life.
With the iPhone 13, the video you take will be next level.
The cinematic mode helps you to add a depth-of-field effect and dynamic image focus transitions automatically, giving you the power to create videos with amazing Hollywood-level polished.
iPhone 13 comes with an all-screen OLED Display and an inbuilt Pro Camera Telephoto, Wide, Ultra Wide that has a 28hours video playback. Its new wide camera captures 47% more light for better photos and video.
This book is a comprehensive Beginner’s User Guide Including Pictures with the Best Tips, Tricks, and hidden features to Complete Mastery Of iPhone 13
Without missing words, you going to get everything you need to know about your iPhone 13 starting with the initial setup process, the first things you need to do when you get the new phone that will allow you to use your iPhone as an expert. Here are what to expect in this book,

  • The Initial setup process
  • How to transfer information over from your last iPhone to your iPhone 13
  • How to access and how to customize the control center on your brand new iPhone 13
  • How to customize options you have in the control center
  • How to customize control center shortcuts on iPhone 13
  • How to customize your home screen on your phone
  • How to add widgets
  • Display settings
  • Safari application
  • The new Hashtag
  • Ability to use Siri while offline
  • How to make home calls with Siri on iPhone 13
  • How to use Siri to send message
  • How to use Siri on the lock screen
  • How to use & enable back tap
  • How to set up a face id password
  • How to remove lock screen passcode
  • How to change screen timeout time (auto-lock) before iPhone sleeps lock.
  • How you can block a contact_ phone number on your iPhone.
  • The new focus mode
  • Screen recording
  • How to use the cinematic mode on the iPhone 13
  • How to record video in cinematic mode
  • How to edit video taken in cinematic mode
  • How to edit the depth of field in a video taken in cinematic mode
  • The way to edit focus points in a video taken in cinematic mode
  • How to record slow-motion video on iPhone 13
  • Everything you need to know about Apple home kits
  • Backgrounds sounds
  • How to fix car play not working on your iPhone 13
  • How to protect your iPhone privacy and security
  • iPhone 13 camera-top tricks

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