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John Billow has a criminal record, has done jail time, and now practices as a paralegal, hatching out schemes that are at best, shady. He fears he is hunted by and will be killed by big pharma or implant makers he has frivolously and repeatedly sued. He elicits aid from Sarah Castle, a sex worker that he has had an ongoing relationship with. She has hidden from the mobs and CIA who wrongly accuse her of stealing from Gary Canig, her boss. Gary set her up to take the fall for Sarah's first CIA operation forcing her to hide in New York City and fend for herself. She does so, translating ancient Chinese and as a sex worker. John and Sarah leave for Lake Placid, and, on the emotionally stormy drive, discover that they love each other. Hal Foss, an unwitting patient who had both hips replaced with mesh and nano-electronics inserts, feels unwell after his surgery. He seeks out the help of the Jay Mountain Healing Center, but has a seizure and lapses into a coma before he can even discuss his case. He is cared for in the ICU and only recovers after everything that is computerized is removed from his room, to the delight of the doctors and nurses caring for him. Multiple electrical, mechanical and computer glitches occur in the hospital and town with increasing frequency and severity, until Hal's implants start an electromagnetic pulse that disables everything electrical within two miles of Lake Placid. The town is evacuated, Mirror Lake becomes a toxic sludge, killing fish and birds, and the National Guard is called in. Multiple patients die from computerized medication pump failures. The hospital is evacuated except for patients who cannot be moved. Will Williams suffers recurrent PTSD episodes due to the pulse and is cured by the Jay Mountain Healing staff including Marion, a monk-like adept, who meditates and discovers the cause of the town's destruction. John and Sarah arrive in Lake Placid where her innocence is confirmed. A trap is set for Canig, still in pursuit of Sarah, by Bennie Grimm and Will who graduated from the Military Academy and did two tours in Iraq together. They are joined by the town philanthropist, Demian Listing, and the town Sheriff, Todd Wilkins. Eventually, Canig is captured, the implants are removed from Hal Foss, curing him, and the town starts to heal. Demian Listing offers to pay all the debt that the hospital and small businesses have accumulated in the time the town had been evacuated and the hospital closed to business as usual. He enlists John to help him make reparations. Demian insists that the hospital reopen only after they agree to incorporate integrative medical practices and make the hospital a healing environment for the staff and patients. Demian meets with Jane, the hospital administrator, outlines all his goals for new proceedures at the hospital, and enjoys dinner, talking of changes he envisions. Sarah is given a new name--Elisabeth--in a naming ceremony directed by Marion. She begins a new start on her life while Canig is sentenced to life in prison and restitution to everyone he has harmed.

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