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Life is two-sided experience, one of anguish and one of laughter. Our birth made us mortal but our experience on earth will make us immortal. If we are to have it all good, then, we will not be able to gain the knowledge of which life wants to teach us. It takes pain to unlock the door of happiness. Whatever that comes cheap without pain has its dangers, which when unleashed will bring about the worst experience. Every situation you find yourself in life has a reason that brought it in the first place and until that situation serves out that purpose, it will not give way for happiness to follow. The pain you experience today might be the gateway to your success, therefore, you should not see that situation as an end in itself rather see it as a way of growth because growth presupposes having all kinds of experience. It takes few moment to experience pain, but its dividend last long. You will reap the gains of a sad moment for a longer time. Life itself is a lesson of which we have to learn before we can move to next stage in whatever we do. Sometimes in life, it will seem as if all hope is lost, it will seem as if we have no other means of coming out of that problem, it will seem as if the world has come to an end, it will seem as if we can never find a way to reach our goal again, but the reality is different, the truth is that there is no ugly a situation might be that human cannot find a way out of it, it will only take time, wisdom and understanding to come up with a better solution to that problem. Whatever that happens in this life, there will always be a reason to live.
However hard it seems to live again, there will still be a reason to live. Even if the whole thing has reared its ugly head on you, that does not mean that you can never have a reason to live. If it is not to live for the loved ones, then, it will be to live because of your dream, if it is not to live for that sacred ideal, then, it will be to live because of the fact that you need to prove that situation wrong, never you allow the world to defeat you rather seek to overcome that hurdle that seeks to push you out of this world, for it will be a weakness on your own part to quit the world because of a situation that you can fix. You have an undoubtedly unique ability to defeat whatever that comes your way but if you fail to utilize your potential and decide to quit the world, then, you have failed your world as well as prove that situation right. Time heals all wound, understand solves critical situation, and wisdom saves you from a hard time. However, when you could not utilize any of these things and decide to hurt yourself because of a minor situation, which you can fix, then, you have failed to realize your true self because trouble and perplexion came to test our ability, but when you could not stand that test, it will be a weakness on your own part.
Cowards are the ones that seek an easy approach to solving their problem by deciding to hurt themselves, but strong men never allow their situation to overpower them to the extent of wanting to kill themselves.

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