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 Today a new story is about to start, the main character this time is not what we usually see in most stories, he is not perfect, actually he's not even a good man!.   Mazin is a 29 years old man, he's not that tall, not handsome, he just look so average, he is the kind of people who you don't usually notice, he lives in small apartment with a roommate, he never pay the rent, also always eats his roommate food in the fridge, he lived all his life like this, leeching on others, never helped anyone, or even cared about anything in this world except himself, because of that he had no friends at all, and he also doesn't have a family, he's been alone all his life, so many times he wondered if he will die alone, even though he loves himself, he was depressed, very depressed actually, he felt empty inside, and very lonely, no one to talk to, everyone hates him and he knows that, no purpose in life, he felt lost and sad, he tried to commit suicide twice so far, and been rescued by his roommate, but seems soon he will try again because he have nothing to live for.   Sometimes something really small can do wonders, and also can change your life forever, and that is exactly what happened today.   Mazin was walking slowly in his way to the restaurant he works in as waiter, he wanted to save some money so he woke up early to walk, the restaurant wasn't very far, its 40 minutes walking, even though it was early but the streets were full of people, so many going to schools and work, he watched them wondering how can they smile?, a pregnant woman was holding her son hand who is 3-4 yeats old, waiting for the bus, she was holding her son bag and she dropped it by mistake while sneezing when Mazin passed by, the woman said: please sir can you get the bag for me i cant bow, Mazin looked at her and with cold eyes he said: No, tell your son to get it, he continued to walk, why should he help her, those pregnant women want strangers to take care of them, like people dont have anything else to do, he thought, and kept walking.    until he saw a dirty thin boy who looked like he is 14-16 years old, he was fighting with 2 men in small alley, the boy was holding a shoe brush and the man was pointing at his shoes saying: you expect me to pay for this poor bad job!.   Mazin looked at the man's shoes, it was sparkling, he understood that the man was trying to get his shoes cleaned for free, the boy was angry and said: please sir dont say its bad, i did my best to clean it, i need the money to feed my family,. HOW DARE YOU RAISE YOUR VOICE!. Shouted the man and he slapped the boy face, Mazin said to himself: life is hard, but these things need to happen to the boy so he will get stronger, he continued walking away, hearing the noises coming from the man hitting the boy, suddenly he started to remember when he was same age of this boy, he was orphan and escaped from the orphanage and started begging for money because all the shops refused to hire him because of his age, he also got beaten hard, he remembered how he felt, he really wished to be helped by anyone, he cried alot, Mazin shook his head, he doesn't want to remember, he stopped and went back to the alley, and he pushed the man who was hitting the boy, the other man attacked Mazin and both men started to hit him, but surprisingly Mazin wasn't weak, he was good at fighting, (i would say its because of his life as homeless when he was teenager), when the men saw how good he is, they pushed him and ran away. 

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