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This book contains six very different horror, murder and mystery stories, all loosely based on actual events and experienced by ordinary people. Some of the stories demonstrate that a tale need not contain unrealistic fantasy beings ? such as zombies, werewolves and the like ? to qualify as a horror story. A subterranean, dark humour can be found in "Bargain" and "Canned". Some of the stories were previously published by a national Sunday paper in South Africa. NECROPOLIS describes the life of a German war time victim who survives months in absolute darkness underneath a collapsed tenement building with only hungry rats as his constant companions. Once recovered he is admitted to a mental institution where he remains for over two decades. On discharge, he is rejected and ridiculed by the townsfolk but soon finds solace in the local cemetery. Here he encounters a "community" who welcome him and offer a means for vengeance on the people of the town. RETURNING tells the story of a young German family, during their holiday in Spain in the 1960s. Warning to sensitive readers: includes graphic detail of medieval torture scenes. PETS is a strange story of a patricide. This tale will especially appeal to readers au fait with Greek mythology. BARGAIN is the story of a man who buys a house at about ten percent of its real value and gets more than he bargained for. CANNED unfolds an emasculated young husband's life with his much older, demanding wife?and the brutal consequences of his subjugation. RATS is an autobiographical story with only the ending dramatized. It describes a refugee boy's travails coping with abject poverty and rampant discrimination. His tumultuous years appear to end when he befriends a rat in a collapsed building. But his obsession with this animal leads to a terrifying, nightmarish finale.

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