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Have you asked some simple questions about your existence? Why were you born on this planet? What are you here for? What are you on planet earth to accomplish? Certainly, you are not on planet earth only to come eat, drink, and walk the surface. God who created you sent you here for something "to accomplish a purpose." Purpose is the primary reason for your existence. You have not been created for just creation. You were created for a purpose. You were born for a purpose. You live for a purpose. You are not a visitor to the planet earth but a missionary. You are here on a mission. You are here to carry out the purpose of which you have been created. God had put a purpose before you at creation. Your purpose is your supreme call here on earth. It is what you have been assigned to do. It is what you have been specially prepared to carry out. It is your assignment here on earth. Purpose is the task that must be done. It is the task that must be carried out. It is the task that must be performed. You can't afford to kill your own purpose.

God, the creator, created people for different purposes. Each person with his or her own purpose as designed by the Creator. Just like the parts of the body, each has its functions. The eye has its function which is to see. The noise has its function which is to breathe. The mouth has its function which is to talk. The hand has its function which is to hold. The leg has its function which is to walk. Each person God created has something to contribute to the society and a purpose which is to be accomplished here on earth.

This book is an insightful and helpful book in discovering of purpose. The book will help you identify your own purpose among many purposes. It will help you to know how to go about in achieving your purpose. It will help you to be what God the Creator created you to be. It will help you to understand God's plan for your life.

The book is written for every man, every woman, every adult, every child, who wants to achieve the purpose why God the Creator sent him or her to the planet earth. The book brings light to your purpose, pushes, and allow you to move ahead to achieve your purpose here on earth.

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