ROOM 101

ROOM 101

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Besides the pleasure, unfolds the true story of love sadistic, cruel that a young woman, living without rules or scruples. With icy determination, seeking the ecstasy of the senses through its glossy brutality, convinced that the sublime pleasure that is ruthless, in which the exercise of their malice is made entirely possible and fully available. Believes that pleasure is powerful, determined and pervasive, because written in DNA, while love is a feeling rather weak, which finds its origins in the cultural sphere.

Names have been changed in order to maintain anonymity, but the characters and events of this story are real.

Bringing a fantasy to life, or not, is linked to the same weakness which marks a religious man.
«The need to give shape and tangibility in order to believe»
At times we are free from this weakness and we are able to live our lives in a completely realistic way, just as we want to and the limits of reality become unstable and depend on the power of our minds.
Decisive, ruthless, unrelenting and we feel the tremble of pleasure as physicality plays an equal part.
Nature, imagination and violence as instruments of freedom against which reason imposes constraints and, in its way, mutilates «demanding rules and order»
The only ethic which survives the death of reason can be nothing but the ethic of pleasure.
The only ethic which survives reason that is driven to its extreme consequences is pleasure itself.

Give me your hand, hold on tight and don?t let go in this journey which drifts backwards.
We will journey through sensations and illusions, moments when life resembles fireworks and you feel as if you were in paradise while sinking into hell.
Come closer then and put your lips on mine, close your eyes. Let my breath enter your lungs so that it will be my oxygen only that keeps you alive and slowly you will feel lost as if I had breathed a poison into you. No going back.
Both a drug and an illusion.

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