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A Man Name Johnny Guajardo,will peek into the Near Future Past and Present. He will do it for Clients, Customers, Family, and Friends. Johnny can also look into the dark. He will not always see what the rest of us see. He will see faces of dark characters that will walk into our lives without an introduction. He will talk to the dark or ghosts that live in it. He will talk to the dead, to loved ones that have left us long ago.
A Dark Being that will talk to him in his dreams nightmares thoughts and through his visions will come to own a piece of his life. Every time he would travel into the Ream of the Dead. That Dark man that rules over an empire of Lost Souls. He will come to know each and every ghost voice and whisper.
That same Dark man that rules a long lost forgotten graveyard. that houses the dead who have noone or family. Misguided misled lost souls of yesteryear will come to play god in the darkness among his own kind. He will embrace Men Women and Children that have become victims or prey to a pack of wolves. They will search for the dark one that rules over an empire of lost souls.His one life will consist of many lives to come. First, he is a businessman, Guide to the lost and a servent to the dark Realms that have now become his Master. He will help those that do not believe in the dark, afterlife but to find comfort in knowing it exists.
Most People do not return from the grave to search for loved ones. Then there will be those that cannot leave or will until their Hearts and Minds are at rest. Some will return after being murdered, killed or died in a freak accident. Some do not believe in death, like they will never die.
Come with me to follow a Dark Being, Ghost or Guide that rules over the Dead of the lost.And his real purpose in that dark long lost forgotten cemetery that exists only in his Mind Vision Dream and Nightmare.Or the Dark whispers of the lost that search for him in the Dark. Dark whispers will talk to Johnny like long lost family and friends. in his quiet moments in his sleep and wherever they turn up. Look for my Boogieman Series! A long line of Novella sized stories.

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