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You Are 1-Click Away From Understanding How To Apply Key Principles Of Spiritual Leadership To Lead, Just Like Christ Leads The Church!
What makes one a great leader? Is it being charismatic, confident and having high emotional intelligence? Is it being able to reach out to people you lead, as well as transform their lives? Is it being able to delegate functions effectively?
While all the above are some aspects that make someone a great leader, when it comes to spiritual leadership, being a leader is much more than just being charismatic and being able to influence and transform.
Furthermore, with the world becoming wicked, as leaders, we may feel that we need to change the standards of God to conform to what is around us. The truth is that the word of God never changes and as Christians, if we want to live a holy life that is pleasing to God, we need to remain true to his word.
Furthermore, as a leader in the church, you don?t take your examples from worldly leaders but rather from the great example of Jesus Christ.
How then do you lead, as Christ led?
This book, ?Spiritual Leadership? will teach you how to be a great leader and above all an amazing Christian by following some basic foundational principles.
Here is what you will learn:
- Why you need to arm yourself with the word of God and be ready to suffer and be obedient even in the suffering
- The importance of humility as a Christian leader
- How to embrace humility
- How, as a Christian, you are to provide solutions to the people in need around you
- An understanding of how church leaders are at greater risk
- To understand that the devil will try to destroy a ministry from inside and what you need to do to deal with this
- The need to focus on building the community and not just the Church
- How and why having a vision is important in leadership
- How we need to seek the father in spirit and in truth
- The importance of co-operation and collaboration with the Hol

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