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Throughout time, seers and shamans of particular backgrounds have practiced a teaching scheme called stalking. In this instance, the term does not refer to the aberrant persecution of another?s welfare: the literal opposite is the case as the stalker?s goal is to free their apprentice from apparently reasonable, common behaviors that will cause unforeseen harm down the road.

The process of raising their errant beliefs from the unrealized to eye level is endlessly affronting, because the circumstances that generate them inherently create a maze of self-justification. It follows that overcoming this intellectual labyrinth requires that the teacher be cunning, stealthy, and relentless in the dismantling of the potential student?s safeguards to self-discovery, beginning with arriving in disguise to probe their beliefs. In this series, the Bonnie arrived in the guise of a divorced mother of two teenagers, who subsequently revealed to me that she is a channel of Universal knowledge. The sources of this knowledge were a family of energy-essence consciousness (Spirit) whom we called Kha-li, Saa-ra, Kha-lib, Phillip, and Caroline.

Volume 1, ?Stalking the Average Man?, chronicles Bonnie?s efforts to have me?a television news technician?reinterpret my experiences in the world?s hot spots, and recognize a design in my travels that was at once an outrage to reason, a blasphemy to religion, and undeniable: she claimed I was witness to the end-of-the-world "cycle" of events that foreshadow the arrival of ancient emissaries of the Universal Source?the Second Coming saga.
The focus of Average Man is on Bonnie leading me to seeing, if not yet accepting, my alleged purpose based on my ?average? life being a design of destiny: She said that the brutal events I had witnessed changed me, and these influences reflected mankind?s core fears and disillusionments, without which their end manifestation of wanton destruction could not have happened. I was the poster boy for how we had gone wrong.

Volume 2: Stalking the Bridge of Reason, dealt with how an otherwise intelligent species managed to perch itself on the brink of annihilation, based on our inability to accurately assess our true circumstances: Bonnie claimed that ?reason?, as our most valuable asset in a physical existence, had been grossly compromised.

The focus of this work was on having me understand the specific ways in which my cultural, (gender, geographic, socioeconomic) conformations to the ways of my world had been impregnated with fear and misinformation, then maintained by meticulously shaped silences?critical social issues never directly addressed, because the powerful highjack the narrative.
Bonnie began this lesson by examining my speech habits and (mis)use of language, as the underpinnings of clarity in our society?s shared symbols and assumptions, to show how we create a general fog around our day to day communications. This lesson was the first step toward breaking me free from the ?world of average people? before I could comprehend what she had in store for me. These clarity lessons also helped me to accept mystical experiences without fearing that I was losing my mind, especially when my source-soul, Phillip, spoke to me directly.

Referencing lessons from these first two volumes, ?The Fifth Intercession? stands alone in its further investigation of the ways and means of the emissaries? return, and their abilities, while delving deeper into our historical /cultural conformations that are, again, allowing us to blithely destroy the very resources we require to live.

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