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Ten steamy stories bundled together to save you some cash!

Indian Summer: When Penny meets a waitress while on a business trip, she knows exactly what she wants-even if the girl isn't on the menu. What can dark beauty Asha say? After all, the customer is always right!

Breeding Brandy: When international film star Ross Richards comes into Brandy's café, she can hardly believe it-she's his biggest fan! But Brandy isn't interested in an autograph; in fact, she won't be satisfied until Ross plants his seed deep inside her and leaves her with a unique souvenir.

Knocking up the Nanny: Amanda is a dedicated, loyal nanny who would do anything for her boss. When Matt runs into trouble trying to find the right woman, Amanda steps in to help out-and if that means that he?s going to get her pregnant, so be it!

Knocking up the Exchange Student: Greta is a Scandinavian beauty living in America, finishing her studies and staying with a host family. Mrs. Sawyer and Becky are nice enough, but it's Mr. Sawyer that Greta can't stop thinking about. He's an older man who has just the experience Greta needs on a cold autumn night. It's a dangerous game, and they're playing around without protection. But once Greta's not going to stop until he gives her everything he has. Every last drop.

Sharing Brandy: Eight months ago, movie star Ross Richards came into Brandy's café for a coffee, and left her with a bun in the oven. Now that she's just about ready to pop, Ross has come back to see her again. And this time he's brought a friend.

Dating Mrs. Dalton: When Jon comes home from college, he finds that his neighbor Mrs. Dalton is home alone. She's his mother's best friend, and she's also beautiful, bored and lonely. What starts as a little kiss goes a lot farther, and Jon finds out just what it means to be the man of the house.

Dating Jimmy Dalton: Losing at trivia has never been so fun! It started out as a game, but when Erin loses to her handsome neighbor Jimmy, she has to grant him three wishes. Somehow all of them include her getting naked on the floor in front of him! And when Erin and Jimmy get started, they don't stop until they reach the bedroom....

Dating Mr. Dalton: When she finds herself locked out of the house, Erin takes refuge at the neighbors' place and spends the evening with Mr. Dalton. She?s fooled around with his son Jimmy, but nothing serious ever came of it-after all, she was always saving herself for Mr. Dalton. Now that she's finally alone with him, she decides to finally give him the gift a woman can only give once.

Her Secret Desire: When Kendra stumbles upon her boss's erotica stash, she is shocked to find that his tastes run a little...familiar. All Tom Dalton watches are videos about guys getting busy with the babysitter, and Kendra decides to give him a real-life reenactment.

I?ve Got You Pegged: After a long day at work, Jake?s wife surprises him by seducing him at the front door. When their lovemaking fails to clear his head, she brings out a new sex toy to spice things up. Little did he know that she was planning to use it on him!

These stories feature graphic depictions of sexual acts between consenting adults. For adults only.

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