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In the cause of time, long ago in an eastern land, slave trade was the order the day and everyone bought from one another anything that could be exchanged for silver or gold as in a barter trade.   There were all sort of people with all kinds of skills and arts experts, magicians, soothsayers, necromancers, star gazers, and many more we can't state all.   And the sons of magicians who had bought the beautiful prince from crazy wolves, who had bought him from his wicked brothers, went to Monsters Land with the beautiful prince, and they came upon the borders of Monsters land, and when they came near unto Monsters land, they met four men of the sons of the black fellow the son of a Hero, who had gone forth from the land of monsters on their journey.   And the Hagarens said unto them, do you desire to purchase this good for nothing fellow from us? And they said, Deliver him over to us, and they delivered the beautiful prince over to them, and they beheld him that he was a very comely youth and they purchased him for twenty pieces of silver.   And the Hagarens continued their journey to Monsters Land and the Magicians also returned that day to Monsters land, and the Magicians said to each other, Behold we have heard that Xexi , an officer of Ra, captain of the guard, seeks a good servant who shall stand before him to attend him, and to make him overseer over his Empire and all belonging to him.   Now therefore come let us sell him to him for what we may desire, if he be able to give unto us that which we shall require for him.   And these Magicians went and came to the Empire of Xexi , and said unto him, We have heard that you seeking a good servant to attend you, behold we have a servant that will please you, if you can give unto us that which we may desire, and we will sell him unto you.   And Xexi said, Bring him before me, and I will see him, and if he please me I will give unto you that which you may require for him.         And the Magicians went and brought the beautiful prince and placed him before Xexi , and he saw him, and he pleased him exceedingly, and Xexi said unto them, Tell me what you require for this youth?   And they said, Four hundred pieces of silver we desire for him, and Xexi said, I will give it you if you bring me the record of his sale to you, and will tell me his history, for perhaps he may be stolen, for this youth is neither a good for nothing fellow, nor the son of a good for nothing fellow, but I observe in him the appearance of a goodly and handsome person.   And the Magicians went and brought unto him the Hagarens who had sold him to them, and they told him, saying, He is a good for nothing fellow and we sold him to them.   And Xexi heard the words of the Hagarens in his giving the silver unto the Magicians, and the Magicians took the silver and went on their journey, and the Hagarens also returned home.   And Xexi took the beautiful prince and brought him to his Empire that he might serve him, and the beautiful prince found favor in the sight of Xexi , and he placed confidence in him, and made him overseer over his Empire , and all that belonged to him he delivered over into his hand.   And Tob his Charm was with the beautiful prince and he became a prosperous man, and Tob his Charm blessed the Empire of Xexi for the sake of the beautiful prince.   And Xexi left all that he had in the hand of the beautiful prince, and the beautiful prince was one that caused things to come in and go out, and everything was regulated by his wish in the Empire of Xexi.   And the beautiful prince was eighteen years old, a youth with beautiful eyes and of comely appearance, and like unto him was not in the whole land of monsters.

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