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The godless

Billy has been awakened by an Angelic Soft White Light. All he can remember, is a fight between several Hellmen sent here from Hell. A mortal who fought an immortal combat between combatants for life and death on the mean streets of earth.
Police secure the area, drag dead bodies toward shore one after the other. These Evil Beings slowly vanish before the eyes of the Law in a body of water on a bed of soft wet sand that lies before the faces of many eyes including those of the Law?
Billy rises from his home in the ground. Graveyard rats and crows lie dead at his feet. He sees he has return to finish a mission in life after he died. Without knowing why he return to life nor what his mission once was or will be he slowly wakens in a graveyard beneath a blanket of dark?
The Devil unleashes an army of Demons from the same graveyard that rats and crows fed on after dead bodies decomposed in the ground. These tiny mouth meat eaters dig down deep into the black earth for a late night snack sometimes. They return to trees and holes in the earth to be close to the dead. A smell of rotting meat waits for them each. Tiny morsels of human flesh that they find irresistible drew them closer with every sniff toward the ground where the dead lay. Dead meat that made their tiny little feet move in joy, both black tiny eyes twinkle and sparkle.
He return to Earth to combat those that defy his purpose, his cause and his reason in life. I will raise the dead if I must in a fight to free humans from the wicked, darkness. I will return them to the ground where they belong in hell with a being that they call father of darkness.
Scientist know something Evil Lives in a Cave beneath the earth. If I find someone or something that God Dropped from Heaven on Humans. I Hope I will not be alone when I come across a Beast that dared The Heavens. God Help Us in our moment of need! You too human! You were Right Mister! God Be With Us and you?
A horde of female angels rise from the dark beneath earth at the end. After a horde of hell's henchmen fail. No human would ever dream this even possible. The dark will summon a demon from hell to earth. A large beast draped in dark fiery smoke, surrounded by hyena besides a constant annoying laughter. An unholy ungodly beast that sat on a throne made of Human Soul, with a smile as big as a prehistoric raptor that waits for you! A dark being with a knack to eat human souls like fat people ate chocolate.
A dark beast half man, half fiery creature, rose in a coat of flame, with eyes that sparkle, in black, orange, diamond color. He will stare back from the center of a ball of flames like he woke from bed in it. The only thing close enough to mankind in wings and legs. Wings with barely any skin on them left nor the will to fly. A dark angel with a heart to fight whoever or whatever tried to stop him from his duty to his father down in the dark deep depths in Hell.
Ten Black goddesses will rise from an abandoned graveyard? The god of the dark will unleash these beauties on Mankind. A fault that Men will come to remember besides recognize after a look into the eyes of never ending yet fatal beauty. They will come with a name, rank and serial number like prisoners on earth. These will come from Hell. From a long, lost, forgotten prison in a world of evil.Women angels with beauty to die for and most men will! The only difference these beast of burden we?re given names by the Devil, Himself. Who commanded them after his Demon Warship Failed one to many times. He will wake them from a deep slumber that they fell into Millenniums Ago. They will be commanded to search and destroy Guardians? I mean Earth Guardians. Like Billy Seals! He will raise a guardianship full filled with guardians to combat an army of henchmen with his dying or last breath he claims?

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