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A Pregnant Young Lady Is Murdered. A Member Of The Famous Dupont Family Allegedly Commits Suicide. Is There A Connection? Was There A Cover-Up?

?Where were you Wednesday night??Detective Drummond asked.
Father Milford laughed. ?Why do I get the feeling that you
suspect me of killing Miss Dugan??
?Did you?? my partner, Detective Adelia Bern, said.
He smirked. ?Don?t be absurd. May I ask what evidence you
have to make such an accusation??
Drummond said, ?We?re not making any accusations. I?mquestioning everybody who knew Miss Dugan. She was killed by someone she knew, someone she trusted, and someone who was very angry at her.?

?How can you be so sure??
?The manner of death.?
?Are you sure her killer is a male??
?Odds are it?s the father of her baby.?
?Well, detectives, I?ve taken a vow of celibacy.?
?Priests have been known to violate it.?
?Well, sir, I assure you that I have not.?
?And I have to take your word on that??
?Yes, you do. Now, if you?ll excuse me, there are people in
need of my comfort. Is there anything else??
?You didn?t answer my question. Where were you
Wednesday evening??

?...brilliant and compelling mystery based on an actual which a young, working-class woman by the name of Katie Dugan is brutally murdered...the trail begins to lead to the DuPont family, which results in a fateful decision...This novel has it all: historical interest, social and political conflict, drama, romance...with the ever present specter of Edgar Allen Poe applauding in the shadows.?-Preston Holtry, author of the Arrius Trilogy and the Morgan Westphal mysteries

?True crime enhances historical fiction in The Katie Dugan Case by William Francis. This well-written narrative combines with riveting dialogue as Detective Drummond and newly hired Detective Adelia Bern, the first female on the Wilmington
police force, pursue suspects and leads in solving one of the most notorious crimes in history. Mr. Francis? meticulous research brings authenticity to his historical account, which makes The Katie Dugan Case a must read for all historical fiction lovers and true crime aficionados.?-Carmen Baca, author of El Hermano

?The Katie Dugan Case brings you back in time to old-fashioned gumshoes and societal cover-ups. William Francis puts you right in the middle of a murder investigation of a young woman, a hush-hush pregnancy, and adds enough twists and turns to keep you reading well into the night.?-Susan Kotch, author of High Flier and Casey of Cranberry Cove

?Detective Drummond shines as an elegant, no-nonsense gumshoe from the gilded age in The Katie Dugan Case. A case full of murder, intrigue, scandal, and political machinations, it will keep you on the edge of your seat.?-Kellie Butler, Author of The Laurelhurst Chronicles series.

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