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In May 2007, the baby monitor feed of a man in Kurim (in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic) began to show distressing images of a naked boy who seemed to be chained up in a cupboard or cellar. His brother also appeared to be a captive. The police were quickly on the scene but the case was strange to say the least. The apparent perpetrators of this abuse turned out to be Klara Mauerova (who was the mother of the two captive children) and her sister Katerina.   Klara was university educated and had never harmed her children in any way before. Katerina was also well educated and had nothing in her past to indicate she was a danger to children. Katerina had even worked in a children's home in a professional capacity. The police and authorities were understandably perplexed and confused that these two normal and placid looking young women appeared to have subjected Klara's children to dreadful abuse and treated them like prisoners.   Yet more confusion was layered into this case when it transpired that a mysterious thirteen year-girl named Anna also lived in the house. Klara claimed that Anna was an orphan from Ukraine but the true identity of Anna would turn out to be the most confusing twist of all when it came to what became known as the Kurim Case. This bizarre and rather grim case only started to make any modicum of sense when it transpired that the women were connected to a breakaway religious sect that was enigmatic and eccentric to say the least.   This was an exceptionally complex and knotty case with a large (and occasionally confusing) gallery of alleged conspirators. We shall do our best to explain who these people all were and what role they played in this bewildering case. The Kurim affair is a tale of abuse, manipulation, mystical delusions, brainwashing, and the belief systems and modus operandi of a cult. Hopefully, by the end of this book you will have a much better understanding of what happened in Kurim and WHY these things happened in the first place. This was a mysterious case full of remarkable twists and shocking revelations. It was a classic example of how truth really can sometimes be stranger than fiction.

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