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We may be leading a life, but what will determine living an examined life is the use of our brain powers. We make a living through our natural abilities, but we live a life through the use of our brain powers. The power you have as a human which has the capacity to differentiate you from others in the world is your brain and you might as well develop that brain to its utmost level. Greatness in life does not come by merely working very hard. Greatness in life does not come by simply doing all you can to succeed. Greatness does not come by living according the dictate of the society. One cannot be great by doing what every other person does. Rather one can mainly be great through the development of one's brainpower as well as sharpening one's thinking ability in order to reason and think out what an ordinary person cannot think of in life. Every situation we find ourselves in life has its solution in our brain. Every problem that we find ourselves in life has its solution in our brain and every condition that has been disorganizing your life can still be fixed through the use of your reasoning powers. If you can develop your ability to think and conceive quickly, then you will always find a way to solve your problems because the power needed in order to break any powerful sieve in life lies in using our ability to think through such problem as well as conceive ideas in the end.
For you to do a good job, then you need to develop your ability to think and conceive ideas quickly. For you to do a job that will stand tall among others, then you have to develop your thinking capabilities. For you to be ahead of others in any setting in life requires that you have to develop your individual thinking level so that whenever you find yourself in tough situation, then you can utilize your most powerful ability, which is to think through it and come up with an idea on what to do immediately. There is a secret to living a successful life, and such secret lies in the ability to sharpen your thinking capacity so that you can receive all the help you need in life through that one means of thinking through issues. If you can learn how to be smart and develop your sixth sense, then you will never depend on people in order to do anything in life because the whole secret to leading a deserved life lies inside your brain as well as your ability to sharpen it for you to utilize its value whenever the need calls.

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