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The book ?The Plains of Salinivs? by M.J.Rumyantsev deals with the subject of multiple nested synchronicities (seemingly acausal events). It is a sequel to the book 'Forgotten Realities?, a new collection of science fiction short stories and philosophical essays.

Excerpt from the book?s Epilogue

Mozitax, the court scientist

Multiple variations of the court scientist Mozitax: ?Strangely enough, they rarely ask us scientists for our opinion. Just ?do it like this? or ?do it like that?. Irrespective of whether I am a mighty Channeler, or an inferior being in one of many dimensional subsets we create and manage ? being a scientist is never a thankful task! Always someone else?s servant. Makes me wonder why? Perhaps we are just too weak, unable to stand up and project our will upon others. Perhaps it is our destiny to be eternal servants.

I really do not know. I think I should better get back to my work ? this is how I want to bring the Beginning and the End together: ?
Tedeonian Prophecy or a New Prologue

Hello stranger,

Your path has crossed with ours... again. This is how it is always meant to be ? despite what some may say or think about it.

The truth is - there are no coincidences and our encounter is not an accident, a freak of nature. We, and everything else around us, are just predictable and repeatable objects existing in our set of dimensions, in our realm container. This goes for all of us and in any of the Flows known to our race.

Have you ever wondered whether all those seemingly unrelated, acausal events are somehow linked to you and your destiny? We, with our limited knowledge, say ?yes, they do?. In fact, the laws of new multidimensional physics make them an integral part of you and everything else, just as causal events are.

And here we have proof of this ? take this recording of one of our future-past antecedents and tune your thoughts to the melody of ?The Plains of Salinivs?...

Its author, our future-past antecedent M.J.Rumyantsev, called his book a ?midsummer night's dream?, being fully aware of the ephemeral nature of all in-Flow causal events that tend to be ?overwritten? by resonances of equivalent acausal events from other Flows. These out-of-Flow turbulences are often strong enough to create multiple spontaneous branchings in other Flows, including ours. So here too, we have one ?The Plains of Salinivs? and a cluster of its countless variants. All so related - and all so different. The same goes for all characters depicted in it, and their roles and relationships.

Little M.J.Rumyantsev knows that this phenomenon of acausal ?cross talk? is applicable not only to Flows encapsulated within one and the same singularity surface. The laws of multidimensional physics allow for interactions between an arbitrary number of independent realm containers, which only superficially look like well-separated, unrelated regions in higher dimensions. In fact, they are all related and ?connected? ? every single one of them. So are we...

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