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About the book " THE STRANGERS " : This book is based not just on one single subject but covers many subjects. Firstly, it is about two strangers who come across each other by the play of fate and how this changes their lives completely. Secondly, this book also depicts a father's love towards his child, his family and the ones he loves. And last but not the least it also gives a deep message about how people can win over the hardships and sorrows that life offers to each one of us   We have always acknowledged our mothers for the immense love, care and concern she showers on us but a father is not always acknowledged or appreciated for the sufferings he goes through and the hardships he faces in order to keep his family happy. So, this book will help people know that along with mothers' fathers also play an important role in our lives and for that he too deserves to be appreciated and acknowledged. Another aspect that this book covers is about the lives of the people. Almost everyone has and still faces lot of hardships and sorrows in life. Some situations are so worse they take away every hope that helps us move forward and it becomes really difficult at times to survive. I guess this is the reason why most people give up on life. And so, this book is here to motivate all the people to be strong and confident always so that they can fight against every obstacle and pain that comes their way. I know it's not really easy to motivate someone without the knowledge of their situations but this just a try, a try to help. To be honest as I am writing this book now I myself am facing too many problems and the reasons are too many. And that's when I thought what is the solution to get over this? You know what? I got a very short and simple answer from my inner conscience. It said "Speak up. Speak up about your problems if not to someone else then to just yourself and you'll find the right way to walk in." You don't need somebody else just talk to yourself to your conscience you'll know where you stand and where you need to go. The story this book reflects and the message this book gives will help you understand many things. Firstly, if you think your dad is always too serious then that's his love you aren't able to understand. Its not compulsory for him to tell you always that he loves you, you know it by the things he does for you. So, this book will help you understand more deeply a father's love for his family and the ones he loves. Secondly, problems are a part of life they come to make you stronger not to weaken you. And so, its really important for all of you to fight against that pain and win over it. This story will motivate you in doing just that. It will encourage you to fight over any pain big or small in life. And all these things aren't just made up. I would not give example of anybody else other than me. Tragedies happen in everybody's life but the biggest part of it is to get over it. That's where we get weakened up. I too have faced a huge tragedy of losing someone I loved dearly. Getting over this fact was the hardest thing ever. Losing someone who has been such an important part of your life breaks up entirely but does life end there? I know its hard but not impossible if we make effort. I have tried it myself you just need to take out all the pain inside of you and the best way to do that is speak. Speak to your friends, family members or someone who will make you feel better. Speaking about the pain to someone will lighten the weight it puts over you. So, my message to all my readers is if you've bought this book and are reading it now, don't spend a moment more with your pain just take it out and breathe with peace and no burden inside of you. Smile with all your heart and be happy always. And if you think what I say is right then what's the wait all about begin reading the book now to know if I'm really right about what I say.

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