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The story begins the age before the beginning of anything, when everything was nothing; when there was no heaven or earth, time or space; there was no God as there was nothing to rule. It was the age when the Being called God was all alone but engorged with the Food He ate, the Food which consisted of both Evil and Good, of Light and Darkness.
The SUPREME BEING exists all alone before the beginning but is engorged with Food which He eventually separates into beings, the Gods of Light, first of whom is named YO, through whom comes his betrothed, a she-man named EL-SHEKINAH, and zillions of other beings of light. The same Food separates into His faecal waste which becomes Death, through whom comes another set of beings, the Gods of Darkness, starting with LEVIATHAN, all of whom are today called demons, all of whom are later quartered in the large intestine of creation bathed in darkness called The EARTH, awaiting the day of their defecation, just like faeces that they are.
El-Shekinah is given Earth to govern, indeed a betrothal period, but in matrices of cobwebs of events he becomes corrupt, a corruption instigated by the Gods of Darkness, a means by which they adopt him as their son. And in a huge dose of rage for being spited by Yo, El-Shekinah leads the very first war of Darkness against Light, which results into the destruction of the first Earth with its humans, animals and vegetation, which necessitates its recreation by Yo.
And so the praxis that the Biblical Adam named ISHI in this story is not the first man recreated and is not the one made in the image and likeness of the Gods is then explored. This motif brews with the evidence that the White races are the first to be recreated; they are the ones made in the image and likeness of the Gods, attributes that are steeped in the ability to have everything in dominion; the capacity to create things that are both useful and lethal, and the propensity to multiply. They are created by Yo but humanized by the great two Gods - Yo the leader of Light and El-Shekinah, the evidence of which is seen today in the double helix of man?s DNA structure, being two serpents coiled upon a spine.
Ishi, the Biblical Aadam, is then formed as a baby but humanized all alone by Yo who instructs him to be the one to teach true righteousness and true worship to the Whites, the rulers, so they can rule in righteous royalty.
Ishi is given a she-man which is named ISHA, who is to be helpmeet to him and not a wife, but he eventually makes her his wife. El-Shekinah enters into a sexual union with Isha, while promising her a worldwide rulership, and the resultant pregnancy becomes the biblical Cain who is named ODACHI.
Eventually Isha herself, in keeping to the mandate given her by El-Shekinah seduces Ishi into having sex with her in order to corrupt him and in order also to be a ruler sitting upon all men as she is promised by El-Shekinah. As an aftermath of sex with Isha, Ishi is made to hear the consequences of his action and is shown a vision in which he sees El-Shekinah emblazoned in the night sky with arms outstretched and two legs joined together, a quintessential Cross, which depicts sun and moon worship, the enigmatic symbol of false worship birthed in all religions, through which El-Shekinah deceives the whole world into false righteousness and false worship. During this exposition he is also made aware of the falsehood that shall descend upon man such as the baking of truth and falsehood as Scripture in all religions; people worshipping El-Shekinah thinking they are worshiping God in all religions, the virgin birth deception, the false Jerusalem and false Israel deception, the falsehood of one man being made to die for the sin of the whole world and so many others. The story then cascades to its end, with Yo allowing El-Shekinah the lordship of Earth from thence till the end when Darkness, just like Faeces becomes expelled, a certainty also made known to Ishi by one of the sons of God.

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