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The articles have a different themes and a different style of writing. For example, the book begins with a poem, goes with an easy prose, and ends as the author says, with the letterlogic examples. Despite of that, the book has the prologue, the development of action, the climax, the outcome and the epilogue.
Henry II response to Michel Nostradamus
According to the prophecies I am a Tzar
The USSR is a Prayer, the RSFSR is a Prophecy
Russian chosen by God by His Name
God?s numbers are found
The Cathedral of CHRIST the Saviour (decoding of the name)
Nostradamus about the meeting on Bolotnaya Square
Pyramid of Russian Tzars was found in the Kremlin
The Pyramid of Lenin-Stalin is found
Catherine II riddles are solved
Words behind the Kremlin wall
Mystical coincidence of elections in Russia and the U.S in 2012
Dollar - The End
LiveJournal is as crooked as a dog's hind leg
Xenia?s prophecy about the "A Tzar on a horse" comes true
Main Nostradamus? prophecy is decoded
Life of Tzar Nicholas II as a prophecy
Putin as a proof
USA ? the year 0
This Navalny, Navalny, Navalny, Navalny Lyosha
Pussy Riot - in the mirror of the USA
Tzar of Russia - Soul of Russia
A Tzar should rule the Church
Man and Pyramid
A Tzar and people, left and right
A word and a number
God's Word and God's Number
Mysterious Russian soul
Soft (?) and hard (?) sign
Russia, Russian, Tzar and God
The Holy Trinity
Doomsday cult and judgement day
About my parents
The Patriarch and Church?s gold
God's plan - Plan A B C
As a thief in the night
The new USSR.
Russians - are not Russia
For Faith, Tsar, Russian World
Tzar of the tzars
Monk AbelIt?s Prophecy
I am the Alpha and the Omega
First and Last
Beginning and the End
Adoring to God
Adoring to Russia
Russian Alphabet
Tale about how Michael Zadornov helped Tzar to decode holy elders one?s prophecy
One for everybody, everybody for one
Thank you for your comments
Time 1:07
God is Good, Good is Life
I Knowing God, Knowing Do good
Letterlogic and Letterlogy
City Sinbirsk
Communism, Capitalism, Tzarism, Autocracy
Cod in the Heaven, the Tzar on the Earth
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God
To Caesar what is Caesar?s, and to God what is God?s
Save and Protect Holy Russia
The icon of the Mother of God
I am the Tzar, I am God, I am the Truth
601 and 602
My favorite God?s number
The sign of the Son of Man
God?s God God
Happy Birthday Mother
We Russian Tsar God with us

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