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Social media has always been the first choice of marketers to promote businesses, especially eCommerce businesses.
If you’ve been working on your marketing strategies then you should not leave platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Tik Tok.
If you want to take your ROI to the next level and dominate social media platforms, then make sure to download this guide for more insights and knowledge
Are you looking to utilize vertical video option? You should be! The short-form video format helped numerous small creators break out and reach a massive audience.
We present you with a fantastic opportunity to get started with Vertical Video and gain expertise on it.
Vertical video ads get a 150% higher click-through rate than horizontal ones. The number of vertical videos uploaded to social media will reach 2 billion by year end. The new Vertical Video has become a goldmine for businesses and brands to reach wider audiences and grow globally.
More than ever before, internet users are looking for quickly consumable information and entertainment that can be accessed across various devices.
It is, therefore, no surprise that Vertical Video is a growing trend in the online world. The popular short-form content platforms such as Snapchat Stories, TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts has created a vertical revolution.
Now the creators who create these videos on various platforms are rewarded for their work. All these platforms have been monetized.
With hundreds of thousands of creators and artists already on all these platforms, creating daily a backlog of millions of videos with 500+ hours of new content being uploaded every minute, there’s plenty of reason to believe vertical videos has the headstart its competitors never did.
If you are a business owner, you must think of new and innovative ways to make people take notice of your products and services.
So, here we are with our Awesome course –Vertical Video Income Stream Training Guide
This guide will educate you about steps to create vertical videos, upload them analyze them, content creation strategy, ways to promote and boost your ecommerce business, common mistakes marketers make and so much more.
This course covers:
1. A basic overview of vertical videos platform and features
2. A step by step guide on how to create vertical videos
3. Ways to promote your business using vertical videos
4. Content creation strategy guide with latest vertical video ideas
5. A guide on how to share vertical videos?
There is no doubt that consumer behaviour is shifting towards convenient content experiences. Vertical Videos provide a strong, well-established platform with vast audiences and an accessible content creation tool.
With thousands of eCommerce websites available on the net, you’ll want to have some exclusive engagement to stand out and captivate your shoppers. And, Vertical Video for eCommerce allows you to do just that.
As per the statistics,
- 90% of Twitter video views come from mobile devices – take this figure into account if you want to reach more Twitter users with video marketing.
- Vertical videos also have 13.8x more visibility on Facebook, and 90% more visibility compared to a post with an image.
- Vertical videos on Snapchat are watched to the end 9 times more often than horizontal ones.
This makes video content highly desirable for brands as it can directly affect the path-to-purchase journey.
It is time that your business should have an effective Vertical Short Video strategy. Just use the tips and information we covered to get started.
So, consider getting our comprehensive and up-to-date guide jam-loaded with the latest and best-in-the-industry knowledge about Vertical Video marketing strategy.

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