BUKIJI (ENG) Impresión bajo demanda


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Impresión bajo demanda

Impresión Bajo Demanda.

Tiempo de despacho de pedidos es de 10 a 15 días hábiles, una vez confirmado el pago del pedido. 

The main origin of this recompilation of articles is a series of notebooks and martial arts diaries from trips to Japan that Fernando Aixa, the author, has been writing since 1990. This selection covers the years 1992 to 2010. Besides the already published articles in different specialized editions, some unpublished articles have been added.The topics of the articles are diverse and deal with basic technical issues such as taihen jutsu (corporal movement) and historical affairs such as the origins of ninjutsu during the time of Emperor Jimmu Tenno, among others.Throughout the articles, the reader will appreciate the different evolutions of the author over this last 28 years of training. As the author says, «learning from my mistakes, looking ahead and remaining patient on my journey is what I learnt by publishing this book».

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