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Impresión bajo demanda

Impresión Bajo Demanda.

Tiempo de despacho de pedidos es de 10 a 15 días hábiles, una vez confirmado el pago del pedido. 

In this unique analysis, global energy analysts Rodrigo Villamizar Alvargonzález, Randy Willoughby, and Vicente Lopez-Ibor Mayor present their set of comprehensive forecasts for the future of the global energy system from now until the end of the century.The first group of analysts to have anticipated the 2020 plateau and peak of global oil production, this book warns of both the opportunities and risks of a new era that will be fundamentally defined by the coming energy transition. The picture they paint is of an entirely new world, defined by the rise of a new decentralised electricity ecosystem consisting of renewable energy technologies, battery storage and a digital infrastructure. While oil industries will not disappear, they will be greatly transformed and disrupted, with huge ramifications for the functioning of our economies.This book explains the core drivers of this great transition, its implications for the struggle against climate change, and its major potential consequences for societies, businesses, governments and international institutions. It explores some of the core regulatory shifts required to navigate the transition successfully and lays out a range of policy scenarios.Offering a roadmap for this centurys most pivotal energy, economic and geopolitical trends, this book will be required reading for energy scholars, climate experts, policymakers, technologists and business leaders who want to be prepared for the coming disruptions.

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