MASONIC MOSAIC Impresión bajo demanda


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Impresión bajo demanda

Impresión Bajo Demanda.

Tiempo de despacho de pedidos es de 10 a 15 días hábiles, una vez confirmado el pago del pedido. 

In this second collection of Masonic essays, historian and Masonic scholar Dr David Harrison has put together a number of his past papers and articles, including examinations of literary figures who were Freemasons, such as Bram Stoker and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, looking at how Freemasonry influenced their creative ideas and their writing. Papers on natural philosophers such as Dr Jean Theophilus Desaguliers and men of the Enlightenment such as Thomas Garnett continue the theme of Masonic personalities; Desaguliers and Garnett being examples of men who attempted to make the world a better place with scientific ideas and education. There are essays on esoteric writers such as Godfrey Higgins, and an exploration of the similarities in certain practices between Freemasonry and the Sufi Orders of the Balkans, the collection being completed with Harrison's award winning paper on the Liverpool Masonic Rebellion. This new collection certainly presents an eclectic mix of Masonic history, though the reader will find similar themes running through each piece; themes that resonate the search for the hidden mysteries of nature and science.

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