UNICORNS Impresión bajo demanda


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Impresión bajo demanda

Impresión Bajo Demanda.

Tiempo de despacho de pedidos es de 10 a 15 días hábiles, una vez confirmado el pago del pedido. 

A young man finally comes of age after a journey at once holy and intensely profane. These (literally) pointless verses are a scattered confession of the overwhelming feelings of an angel waiting to be a demon wanting to be an angel again.The quest begins with a bitter heartbreak but then precipitates into a photograph cascade. Recollections of abuse, debauchery, tenderness, envy, ecstatic pleasure and unbearable yet ordinary pain, all vivid and fleeting, like the evaporating fumes of a hit of poppers.This boy is ultimately liberated into the creature that he is, both proud and bewildered by his own nature. A nature all too familiar to the altar boys of Sodom and sin.

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