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Runner-up for 2020 AJN Book of the Year Award: Community Public HealthPraise for earlier edition:"...nicely integrates epidemiological concepts, evidence-based practice in population health, and program development and evaluation...Authors describe epidemiological research designs, research synthesis, and evidence assessment--knowledge essential for advanced practice nurses working with populations or in the community."--Journal of Community Health NursingDelivering essential content for APRN students focusing on population health, this award-winning text addresses the nurse's role in identifying and mitigating healthcare disparities at local, national, and global levels and provides guidance on how to conduct community assessments. The substantially updated fourth edition focuses on the broad role of APRNs in today's challenging healthcare environment, along with a completely new chapter on the Principles of Public and Community Health. The addition of case studies brings the content to life and explores a wider range of nursing roles. Two new editors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the text. Additionally, the fourth edition is updated with current national standards including the AACN Essentials and addresses implications of and lessons learned from COVID-19.The text disseminates successful strategies nurses have used to improve population outcomes and reinforces learning with a high-level application of activities that require the synthesis and integration of information learned. Its strong foundation in epidemiologic methodology includes coverage of mortality measures, testing validity and reliability, study designs, risk and casualty assessment, and data analysis and interpretation. This comprehensive yet succinctly written text includes engaging exercises and discussion questions to help students understand how to apply the content..New to the Fourth Edition: New chapter on Principles of Public and Community HealthUpdated to reflect latest AACN Essentials, Healthy People 2030, and other national initiatives within nursing and healthcareDiscusses impact of COVID-19 with examplesProvides case studies addressing a wider range of roles including ambulatory and acute careFocus is on APRN role in population healthAdds PowerPoints to abundant instructor resourcesKey Features: The only advanced practice text to focus on core nursing competencies in population healthIncorporates a strong focus on epidemiologyBreaks down complex content to foster clear understandingReinforces information with creative-thinking exercisesCan serve as a primary resource for DNP Projects addressing population health 

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